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​​​​​​​​​Solar Energy Services


Our staff has a long history of designing, installing and working with home owners to help them learn their battery back up systems.  While these can be fairly complex we work to make things simple for the end user and have a a system they can count on when the time comes. 

These systems can be set to automatically switch to battery power in the event of a grid failure and keep your emergency loads going.  System meters are then used to keep tabs on how things are going through sunny and cloudy days.  Ideally your batteries will get you through many dark cloudy days.

While battery back-up is not for everyone, there are places where it has a fit.  Solar panels are used to charge batteries and the batteries are hooked to an inverter(s) at which point AC power can be made.  These systems can be designed so that a person may have pre-designated items while grid power is down or even live off-grid altogether.