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Are you concerned that the power is going to go out and you are not prepared?  These hybrid systems are our specialty.  Put your mind at ease with a back-up power system.

Water is the most important commodity on earth.  While there is an abundance of water, it can be hard to reach when you may need it the most.  Let solar do the work!

Solar Power For Homes

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- Providing the Power You Need -

Not sure if any of these options are for you?  Not a problem, simply contact us and we can discuss your individual needs to help discover if we can help.  

​Solar Energy Services goal is to provide our clients with a high level of service through great communication and plan implementation. At Solar Energy Services, we know that you depend on our power systems and we keep that thought at the forefront throughout the entire process. 

Are you interested in stabilizing your energy cost going into the future?  Teaching your children how to have less of an impact on the environment?  

More than just an Energy Provider 

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Grid-Tie power systems

To discuss your solar energy plans, contact us.

Is your home prepared for whats ahead? Let us help.

Off-grid solutions

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Are you the type that wants to be independent and not rely on someone else for your power needs?  Do you have that remote cabin that needs electricity?